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World Of Crew New Logo !

World Of Crew New Logo !

How come such a little icon become our main focus ?

Working on branding is never easy. For us, World Of Crew was initially a personal project that became more important.  Here are some of the idea we had in mind !

WOC V1World Of Crew Logo

Our first logo has a classy approach made by our friends from

We wanted flight attendants to feel exclusive and proud of the application like you could be for premium or exclusive products.

However, we received many feedbacks from people thinking it was classy on one side but too serious on the other one. The same feeling was shared across our first website.



After hours of meetings and brainstorming, we asked one of our favourite and most talented designer (Hala) to come back to us with a new identity closer to our users and friends.

This time, the approach was totally different focusing into something more friendly and cartoonish. To be honest, we love both but our heart choosed the latest version !

What do you think ?

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