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4 things you need to start doing for the sake of your cabin crew

4 things you need to start doing for the sake of your cabin crew

Whether you’re a frequent globetrotter or an occasional traveller, here are a few things crews recommend you to do to make the most of your flight.

1. Minimum carry on = maximum appreciation.

If you’ve made the leap and have decided to take checked baggage with you, try to keep most of your belongings in it and minimize carry on. It’s faster for you to store, it’s faster for crew to deal with and it’s easier on your back. Plus, imagine how quickly everyone can board and leave flights if people carried smaller carry-ons!

2. Say please every time you ask for something.

A little politeness goes a long way.

3. Don’t ever press the call bells.

Yes. Never. You can ask for as much as possible when we’re passing you by, but the second you press the call bell you’re off the ‘nice-list’. Pressing the call bell is the industry’s version of telling someone they’re not doing a good job. Eek!

4. Do not stand up during the meal service.

Seriously! The aisles are too small and the food carts are too big. We’ll either have to tell you to go back to your seat (which makes us feel mean), or we’ll have to lug those things back to the door area which is inconvenient for us, our fellow crew and everyone on the plane that we’re trying to feed. Not fun!

Are you a cabin crew member? What other tips do you have for travellers looking to make your life easier?

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