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Guangzhou Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Guangzhou Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Guǎngzhōu, once better known to Westerners as Canton, is China’s busiest transport and trade hub and the third-largest city in the country. A giant metropolis, Guǎngzhōu is home to both gleaming towers and leafy alleys, and its history as a strategic trade port to the South China Sea has afforded it a colonial background and culturally diverse population that combine to give Guǎngzhōu a cosmopolitan flair. China’s largest trade fair – sees thousands of international visitors flocking to Guǎngzhōu twice a year. And its proximity to Hong Kong means it is one of the most well-connected cities in China.

What to do in Guǎngzhōu for 24h to 48h? 

Places of Interest

Shāmiàn Island

To the southwest of Guǎngzhōu is the dappled oasis of Shāmiàn Island. Shamian Dajie, the main boulevard, is a gentle stretch of gardens dotted by old houses, cafes and galleries. The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, built by the French in 1892, is on the eastern end. Shāmiàn is so picturesque that you’re sure to spot photo shoots for online clothing stores on the streets.

Shāmiàn Island

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

An all-in-one ancestral shrine, Confucian school and ‘chamber of commerce’ for the Chen clan, this compound was built in 1894 by the residents of 72 villages in Guǎngdōng, where the Chen lineage is predominant. There are 19 buildings in the traditional Lǐngnán style, all featuring exquisite carvings, statues and paintings, and decorated with ornate scrollwork throughout.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

Yúyìn Mountain Villa

One of Guăngdōng’s four famous classical gardens, this graceful property was built in 1871 by an official of the Qing court. It incorporates the landscaping styles of Sūzhōu and Hángzhōu, and the features of Lĭngnán architecture. The result is a photogenic collection of pavilions, terraces, halls, bridges and lakes. It also has a dessert shop selling ginger milk curd.


Mausoleum of the Nányuè King

This superb mausoleum from the 2000-year-old Nányuè kingdom is one of China’s best museums. It houses the tomb of Zhao Mo, second king of Nányuè, who was sent south by the emperor in 214 BC to quell unrest and established a sovereign state with Guǎngzhōu as its capital. Don’t miss Zhao Mo’s jade burial suit – the precious stone was thought to preserve the body.

Mausoleum of the Nányuè King

Shoppers paradise -Guangzhou!

China Plaza

China Plaza  is a popular huge mall for middle level shoppers. It isn’t for luxury shopping, but it is a place for tourists to find great deals in an enjoyable, clean, and less chaotic place.


Hundreds of shops including many departmental stores are along this 1,200-meter street. Domestic brands are highlighted. The main goods are clothing, including Japanese and Korean clothing, and tourist items. It is known for its Cantonese restaurants and street snacks.



The Zhujiang area has the best sightseeing in Guangzhou and several luxury shopping malls are amid the richest area of Guangzhou with several of the world’s tallest towers and buildings. It is the most popular tourist luxury shopping area.

Where to Eat?

Biao Mei Restaurant

Biao Mei basically means female cousin ~~ and it is pretty popular for their beautiful cute dimsum. They have branches in both Ye Xiu and Tian He district so just choose the one nearest to you.


Ngan Gei

Ngan Gei Restaurant is conveniently located at Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Walk so you can pop by to try their popular cheung fun and porridge. Cheong Fun is one of Cantonese favourite breakfast, They are basically steamed rice rolls, stuffed with either beef, pork, prawns and even pork liver – then served with sesame soy sauce and sometimes chili paste.

cheung fun

Jiu Zi Tiao Tiao Wa

Jiu Zi Tiao Tiao Wa is located at the busy supper street of Bao Yeh Lu where lots of the locals come for supper and late night drinks! The street becomes alive at night and this restaurant serves a pretty delicious Szechuan style frog legs hot pot!

Szechuan style frog legs hot pot!

Nan Sing

Nan Sing is located along the famous Shangxia Jiu Pedestrian area and they serve best Shuang Pi Nai (Double Skin Milk) in Guangzhou.

Shuang Pi Nai

Maka Maka

Maka Maka specializes in fancy egg waffles (eggettes or Kai Dan Zai) as well as milkshakes ~~ they are very popular amongst the ladies and it’s hard to find a seat at Beijing Lu branch

Spa’s in Guangzhou

Heavenly Spa by Westin

It is located near the Westin Hotel, the Heavenly Spa’s chilled ambiance takes you right out of the city and helps you let go of stress from the moment you walk in.  Their signature treatment is an exfoliating dry brush massage which can stimulate blood circulation and aid weight loss.

Heavenly Spa by Westin

 O Spa

O spa is located on the top floor of Grand Hyatt Guangzhou and overlooks spectacular views of Pearl River New Town. “O Spa is staffed by the best Chinese specialists in the area, and works not only to relax your mind and body, but also to reinvigorate the vital energy that the Chinese refer to as qi.

Hai Jiao Hong Lou Spa

It is settled just down the road in the Chen Clan Academy. Their massages contain Chinese massage, HongKong massage, Thai massage and essential oil massage, and their overnight spa offers freebies such as sauna, entertainment centre, food and drinks. Their rates are reasonable in comparison with other decadent options.

Bali Spa

If you are looking for the spa treatment but don’t want to spend too much money, try the Bali Spa in downtown Guangzhou.

Flight Attendants Discounts in China

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Any Cool Experience to share in Guangzhou?

How was your layover in Guangzhou? Did you discover any new places? If so, please do share these useful tips with your fellow cabin crew, by commenting below!

Have a great layover !



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