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5 storage tools to help you organise your memories | WOC

5 storage tools to help you organise your memories | WOC

Beautiful landscapes, amazing cities, tropical destinations… No one can resist temptation to take pictures of their trip even if it’s included as part of the job! Here are tools to keep your memories safe.

1.Google Drive

One of the storage applications to keep your memories safe is Google Drive. If you download it free from Google Apps, you’ll have 15 GB to store not only photos but also files, drawings, videos and more! Besides, the app creates a link which guides you to share your documents with other people.

2. Dropbox

The popularity of this application has increased thanks to its easy way to use it. Dropbox offers you 2GB free of online storage plus 500 MB for each friend you invite and creates an account. Among the advantages of this app, you can make a backup of your photos.


The only thing you need to enjoy 15 GB of free cloud storage is a Copy account. Once you have it, the app allows you to upload photos, backup information and share files with your contacts.

4 .Mega

You can imagine by the name of this application that the free online data storage offered isn’t precisely small: 50 GB. With this tool you can download multiple files at the same time or upload them from the mobile app easily.

5. Media Fire

The pros of this app are really attractive. If you sign up for a free account, you get 10 GB that will increase till 50 GB with bonuses. The users can upload files from any website and download without limits.

Needless to say that for selfie addicts who need additional data storage there’s a payable version for each of these applications.

What storage tools would you recommend?

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