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Seoul Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Seoul Layover Tips For Flight Attendants | WOC

Seoul has a population of over 30 million. It’s the third largest metropolitan area in the world and it’s absolutely mammoth with much to see. A massive, alive, breathing crush of humanity and technology, it feels like no matter where you went, no matter what subways stop you got out of, there would constantly be something thrilling going on. Acknowledged as the world’s most wired city, here’s a layover tip to this mega metropolis known as Seoul.

What to do in Seoul for 24h to 48h? 

Places of Interest

Watch the Changing of the Guard at Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung Palaces

Seoul has five Joseon royal palaces and these two are the ones that you can’t miss. Each debatably the most beautiful, Gyeongbokgung is the primary palace while Chandeokgung is a UNESCO Heritage Site and home to Huwon or the “Secret Garden”. If you come at the right time, you can watch the changing of the guard as well.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Tour Historic Village in the Middle of Bustling City

As contemporary as Seoul can be, it is nice to find a place like this right in the heart of the city. A maze of narrow alleyways and traditional Korean houses called hanoks, Bukchon Hanok Village will take you back in time and introduce you to a 600-yr old Seoul.

Bukchon Hanok Village

See the Future of Design at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

This place is breathtaking. If you like design, any kind of design, then you need to put DDP in your itinerary. It’s like a museum, design supermarket, and space ship all rolled into one. I recommend devoting several hours there if you can, and be sure to come back at night when the building really comes to life.

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Places to Eat

Shop and Eat like there’s No Tomorrow in Insadong, Myeongdong, and Hongdae

Seoul is a shopaholic’s paradise. There are many shopping districts in the city but Insadong, Myeongdong, and Hongdae are three that you can’t miss. They each have their own unique personality. Insadong is known for its artsy-craftsy items, Myeongdong for its brand names and cosmetics, and Hongdae for its hip, college town vibe. All have authentic street food.

Insadong is known for its artsy-craftsy items


 Han Chu Korean Fried Chicken & Beer

Fried chicken and beer restaurants are ubiquitous in Seoul, but Han Chu is said to serve some of the best. Korean fried chicken is double-fried, resulting in crunchier and less greasy skin. Their fried green peppers stuffed with pork are said to be authentic as well.

Han Chu Korean Fried Chicken & Beer


Eat fresh fish at Busan’s famous Jakgalchi Fish Market

If you are sea food lovers then this is definitely must visit place for you.

The famous Jakgalchi Fish Market sits right on the water in Busan, and is where you can find some of the freshest seafood in the country. Even if fish isn’t your thing, walking through the rows of stalls selling the catch of the day, most of which is still swimming around in tanks, is an experience in itself.

 Jakgalchi Fish Market


Go Clubbing in Seoul

Seoul is known for its wild night life. You could even spend a year partying in Seoul and still leave areas unexplored. This city offers some of the best nightlife in Asia.

The Hongdae neighborhood has no shortage of clubs. Head to NB2 where you’ll find a young crowd that has no intention of ending the party while the sky is still dark. Expect to pay a cover between 10,000 and 20,000 won depending on the night. This fee covers entrance and one drink. Don’t forget to grab a slice of greasy pizza from across the street when you’ve had your fill of partying.

Apgujeong, which is home to Seoul’s mega club scene, and the classiest and priciest region. If you’re stingy with money, don’t bother coming here, because you probably won’t have a good time. But if you’re willing to spring for a night out, it will be a night you won’t forget!

Clubbing in Seoul


 Get Naked at Seoul Jjimjilbangs (Spa’s)

Jjimjilbang  is a large, gender-segregated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional kiln saunas and massage tables. After these bright, happy wonderlands of warm pools, expert massages and lightweight cotton garments, heaven has got a lot to live up to.

Make your way to Dragon Hill Spa, said to be the largest jimjilbang in Seoul. You can also go to Spa Lei which caters to females searching for a relaxing space where they don’t have to worry if they have the latest “it” bags or if their makeup is still intact.This stylish jjimjilbang is an all-girl’s paradise.




If  you are visiting Seoul for the first time you can mostly rely on the subway to travel from one point to another. The subway in Korea is just as efficient as each subway station has a specific name, number, and each subway lines are marked with different colours. Prior to heading anywhere, be sure to do a little research to find out the station where you should disembark, and the correct exit to take in each station in order to find your way to the destination.

Flight Attendants Discounts in South Korea

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Any Cool Experience to share in Seoul?

How was your layover in Seoul? Did you discover any new places? If so, please do share these useful tips with your fellow cabin crew, by commenting below!

Have a great layover !


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