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The honeymoon of your dream In Spain

The honeymoon of your dream In Spain

While travel restrictions are still in place no one can stop us from making plans!

And if your wedding plan is already sorted it’s time to think about your honeymoon. There are so many beautiful places to choose from and Spain, as one of them, often makes it to the top 10 worldwide. 

So why does it steal so many hearts? It has everything you are looking for.

Top 5 places for your Spanish honeymoon

  1. Canary islands for a paradise honeymoon

You don’t always need to fly to Bali to find black and white sandy beaches along with the active volcano – Tenerife has it too and it’s just as beautiful.

If your goal is to get away from the touristy crowds and have more authenticity, there are 5 more islands to choose from. But be prepared, it will be a hard choice to make. They all look just breathtaking.

  1. Andalucia for a fairytale honeymoon

This charming southern area is considered the perfect Spanish honeymoon destination. Not only it has sun and sand, there are also incredible remote mountain villages with isolated life and hilltop retreats with magnificent views.

And if you have a little more time, you should definitely explore a couple of the cities of the region, famous for its passionate flamenco and gypsy quarters.

  1. Ibiza for a party honeymoon

If you enjoy partying more than anything else, this famous island is where you need to be. The party scene here is just insane. Famous DJs and the world’s best clubs along with endless white sand beaches will make your stay once in a lifetime experience.

Plus the number of cool places to stay in Ibiza is limitless. They vary from bohemian style villas on a functioning farm to full service SPA hotels. 

Now when you know where to go, the question is how to stay healthy while you are on your Spanish honeymoon?

Stay hydrated. And download the VHappy App! This app is an incredibly helpful invention. Once you download it and register, it will give you dozens of options of healthy vegan, vegetarian, or ecological and organic suppliers based on your location. 

Anything from vegan or vegetarian restaurants to clothing shops, from hairdressers to Hotels – you name it. The application is absolutely free with the optional premium paid version that lets you get amazing discounts , communicate with other members and share your feedback and recommendations.

Now you won’t have an excuse to be unhealthy even while you are traveling!

What place in Spain would you want to visit? Tell us in the comments!

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