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Why is Seychelles the best wedding destination for the UAE flight attendants during the COVID-19?

Why is Seychelles the best wedding destination for the UAE flight attendants during the COVID-19?

While Georgia keeps postponing the opening of the borders and Dubai still has a long list of requirements for getting married, Seychelles solved this problem for the UAE based cabin crew in one go!

How can UAE cabin crew get married in Seychelles during the Coronavirus?

The answer is quite obvious here: fly there! Easy Wedding Seychelles has some exciting news to share. 

The beautiful country of Seychelles has opened its borders for the UAE residents on August 1. In fact, Emirates was the first international airline to return to this popular paradise destination. 

You might be wondering how to make it happen, as in the post-COVID world, you can’t just hop on the plane and land in another country. You’d need to submit a few documents to the airline a few days before your flight, such as:

  1. A negative COVID-19 PCR test
  2. Application form to enter Seychelles
  3. Proof of the accommodation booking (the establishment has to be certified by the Public Health Authority of Seychelles)

Huh sounds like a lot of work to do? No worries, while our team physically can’t have the Corona test for you, we are happy to assist you with all the links, forms, and addresses to make your life easier.

On the bright side – getting married in Seychelles is much easier than getting into the country. You would only need your passport and your birth certificate. And if you don’t have the latter, it can be easily replaced by the affidavit, stating that all the info you provide is correct. 

All the government institutions for marriage legalization are open and functioning.

Not a big fan of Seychelles destination wedding, and want to marry in Dubai only?

Technically it’s possible. But good luck with that. While some of the embassies, churches, mosques, and other government entities are slowly re-opening, the others remain closed.  making the legalization of the documents virtually impossible. Like the UK embassy, for example.

If your country embassy is open – you are in luck. But don’t forget about the long list of requirements for getting married in Dubai documents, including a medical screening. Plus it’s only luck if both partners are of the same nationality. Otherwise back to square one and more paperwork.

So if you are not a big fan of complications – just fly to Seychelles. Who doesn’t want a paradise wedding after all?

Need more info about the Seychelles wedding for the UAE residents? Drop a comment below, and our team will be happy to assist you.

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