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[Crew to follow] – Dimi – Four Passion | WOC

[Crew to follow] – Dimi – Four Passion | WOC

Hello lovely readers! It’s time for the last crew-to-follow blog for 2016 and we could not have asked for a more passionate crew!

Yes, you guessed it right. This week we will be featuring Dimi, also popularly known as ‘Four Passion’

About Dimi

Dimi originally hails from Greece and has been working for Emirates since 2012. At first, she started as a cabin crew and recently got promoted to the post of a cabin supervisor. Soon she would be completing 5 years with Emirates. Congratulations, Dimi!!

Life as a crew

Dimi holds a degree in special and inclusive education and started her career as a teacher. But, her love for traveling pulled her to attend Emirates open day in Athens and the rest as they say is history.

She told us, “That was the time that I attended one of the Emirates open days in Athens and here I am in Dubai wearing the iconic red hat!”

She feels that the best thing about her job as a cabin crew is that there is no routine. And, that keeps the job ever exciting and interesting. I guess we would all agree that there is never a dull moment in a cabin crew’s life! Interviewing Dimi made us realize how passionate she is about her job. And not just the travel part of the job. We know the reason you are called ‘Four Passion’, Dimi. And, we could not agree more.

“How can it be when you work different days per month, different hours per day, at different places and with different people all the time? There is no chance that you can get bored! You can get physically tired, extremely tired! But never bored! I love customer service as much as I love traveling, it has become part of me and I feel so confident about it! Come fly with me and you will not get disappointed- guarantee that!” – Dimi

About Four Passion

Well, we talked about Dimi. Let’s talk about Four Passion now. I am sure we have all wondered what is Four Passion?

Let’s hear (or read) from Dimi herself, “Four Passion is my passion for 4 things: travel, fashion, arts, living.”

She started the blog to share her love for traveling and her job with the rest of the world. It’s her way of sharing her personal adventures with everyone. It’s her way of expressing her passion.

She told us, “I have so much love for what I am doing, so many places that I have been, so many people that I have met, so many stories to tell and of course so many pictures to show that I decided to start a blog and reveal my personal adventures to the social media.”

Her blog is not just about her travel adventures. But, includes a big doze of fashion and style. And, since she has been married, also a dollop of her husband’s passion of healthy living.

Dimi tells us, “And also a significant doze of healthy living as my husband is a personal trainer/fitness consultant/basketball instructor and since I met him my life combines a lot of squats, plunges, cardio, sweating and healthy eating hahaha!”

On being asked about her favorite destination, she told us that she does not have a favorite destination, but favorite things to do in EVERY destination. However, Greece remains her one true love for every season and she advises everyone to add Greece in their bucket list. She went on to say, “Traveling is not to find the best places for your self, but to find the best “your self” in places… Flying is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. Traveling is not just a hobby, it is a purpose for living.”

Dimi’s interview reminded me of a quote by John Wesley, “Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

No wonder there are so many people who are actively following Dimi in her pursuit of her four passions. Are you still not?

Well, here is where you can find Dimi

Instagram: @four_passion

Facebook: Four Passion


In addition, she also writes about her travel adventures for a Greek magazine, E-gossip Kalamat. So, all of you lucky people who can read Greek, get a chance to have more awesomeness in your life!

Advice for social media stars

“Be real, be your real self, don’t be fake or deceiving. People will love you for who you are, not for who you are trying to be. Everything fake shows at some point. Let your own personal and unique magic sparkle!”

(That’s such a wonderful piece of advice, noted in our diary. Make sure you all do too!)

About WOC

“It is a great source of places to be and discounts for cabin crew all over the world! Job well done WOC!!! I would like to thank WOC for giving to the flight attendant influencers voice and inspiring all the readers never to be afraid of chasing their dreams. So many interesting articles on their website and application!”

Well, we at WOC are really happy to hear that. Could not have asked for a better New years gift. It’s the love of users like you that keeps us going. So, thank you for your appreciation, Dimi.

WOC note

Steven Kotler said, that passion exists at the intersection of two or three things you are curious about. And, according to us, Dimi is a living example of that statement. So, are you looking for inspiration to ignite your passion? Or some cool travel, fashion, art or life related tips? Four Passion is the person to follow.

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