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[Crew to Follow] – CrewControl – Part 2 | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – CrewControl – Part 2 | WOC

CrewControl is back on World Of Crew! As promised, this week we reveal more untold secrets about CrewControl.

In this edition, we bring to you the uncut version of the interview with CCL. So, let’s find out how the band works together despite living in different countries, and how has the band evolved over time.

WOC: Tell us a bit about the process of working on your different songs?

CCL: Like every band in the world, there isn’t a proper way to do it. Everyone chose their own way, and so did we. One of the peculiarities of crew control is that because of the distance we had to find a solution to make things work from remote on such things like meeting, rehearsal, discussions, and arranging. Things that usually are lived-together moments due to obvious reasons. Technology gave us a big help with this. Without it, it wouldn’t have been possible, not to even to think about doing such thing a couple of decades ago.

More or less it works like this; Whoever has an idea, records something via phone or with one of our professional music software (DAW) and sends the demo files to the others member of the band to receive a comment, feedback, change or just add their parts. When we have a more or less structure that looks like a proper song, at this stage, we have to meet to capture the feeling of the song played by us to see if it is going in the right direction or missing some magic…

Once we are happy with the demo constructions, we start with the recording process that might last months, due to our limited amount of spare time, as we are all full-time workers. The song might be recorded in a studio or different studios across the several countries of residence, or even recorded at home with our music equipment thanks to our sound engineer and the experience that we‘ve gained over the past years.

At the same time, we start working on the video making, graphic banner and pictures, publicity and adverts and so on…We have several tracks on the market and an EP album on the music platforms available for purchase and streaming, and we shortly will be working on another album.

WOC: What are some of the challenges that you face working on this project?

CCL: Well apart from the geographical distance between the members of the band and the limited time spent on the project due to our real job; We can clearly say that one of the challenges faced in this project was our stylistic mix of influences. Contrariwise of other bands who got formed in the same music scenario where all members come more or less, from a same musical background. CrewControl was formed in an outsider environment which is an airline company, where the music is not the primary aspect. We found ourselves among hundreds of people just in the way our “spider/musicians” senses were activated…

We all four were musicians, but each of us had a completely different music background.

WOC: How has the CrewControl journey been since then? How has it evolved?

CCL: The Band is always on the run, although we are full-time flight attendants for different airlines and we only make our music stuff while off duty. But we still manage pretty well to comply with our goals and schedules. Recently, a significant life change has happened. The thought choices by some member of the band who have decided to move to another country for reasons related mainly to the job, but also for a different life choice, made things much harder for the “CrewControl project.” Because of this, some problems arose. The logistic was the major issue. Also the team spirit wasn’t so high cause the friendship which was the solid basis of the band, had a vibrant shock and a strong impact on our lives. We found ourselves split geographically but still highly determinate to continue as we were positively full of energy to rely on the band project.

When the group lived and worked in Rome, they performed several live shows. Today the band members live throughout Europe, and we must meet, rehearse, compose and promote ourselves over our three hometowns of London, Dublin, and Rome. Everything is much complicated, but we don’t like the easy way, and we love the challenges.

Being cabin crew, we are all too familiar with having to multi-task and work under pressure, and while the distance may have split other bands, we keep working against the odds to continue “The CrewControl adventure.”

WOC: How has your life changed since you have started CrewControl?

CCL: Well life has not changed that much honestly, we are still doing our job with passion and humility. But It’s kind of weird for us when you work with some people that you never met before, and they say: “Are you one of the guys in the CrewControl band?” or “I love this or that song, you guys are doing well”, etc. It’s a strange feeling, though. We are still a little reality, and we feel fine with this, we are not looking for glory. We are just enjoying doing what we love, our job and the music, just here it is where it comes our way to say…“We love flying and making music.”

WOC: How do you manage work-life balance?

CCL: It is not the easiest thing in the world, but if you focus on what you like and want you want to do, it becomes quite simple and possible even to think to make some extra effort that might seem extraordinary to others, for us, it just became possible. Also being extremely organised (working on schedules and listing up the tasks) and following your goals, it helps a lot to achieve your targets. We need to work much harder on this, but we never give up.

WOC: What keeps you going?

CCL: The great passion for music and the idea of creating something new that people might like or might not, but for us, every judgment has the same relevance, and we love to learn from our mistakes. Another good point is that even before we became band mates we were friends and colleagues, and this strong feeling defeats any doubt or uncertainty relevant to any upcoming issue.

WOC: Are you working on something interesting right now or in the future?

CCL: Yes of course! At the moment we are working on two new songs and making a couple of collaborations. Also, we are planning to get back on stage very soon, so just stay tuned, and you will discover when and where…

Give a listen to one of their songs here

Next week we will find out more about the band members themselves. So, stay tuned!

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