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How to stay fit as a flight attendant? | WOC

How to stay fit as a flight attendant? | WOC

Being Cabin Crew isn’t the healthiest job in the world, there are a lot of conflicts to deal with on a every day basis such as exhaustion, jetlag and unhealthy meals at inappropriate times. It is significant to be physically fit as the claim of working at 34,000 ft is equal to working on top of a mountain! We are also continuously lifting serious weights such as suitcases, catering boxes and meal carts. Being able to survive with stress and fatigue on a daily basis is necessary, especially as it takes the body 48 hours to pull through from just one flight, which with our schedules puts us in a constant state of limbo!

Here are some practical things that we can do to craft life easier, be able to step up to the mark in our career and still stay healthy. Here are 10 necessary tips for health, for anyone who flies on a regular basis:

Drink Lots of Water

Flying dehydrates the body quickly – we can live without food but not water. Drinking plenty of water will not only help you focus and stay alert, but it will help you adjust to jet lag too. Bring your own ginger and peppermint tea to aid digestion. Cabin pressure also has a bloating effect and drinking water regularly will help combat this.

Drinking Water

Sleep, But Not During The Day

This is a tricky one for flight attendants trying to adjust to jet lag. Surprisingly, one of the best things you can do to get on schedule when you reach a destination in the morning (quite common) is to sleep for about 3 hours, then get up and try to carry on in the current time zone. If you can then plan to go to bed at 7pm, you should acclimate more easily and are then on track for the rest of your trip. From there, make 8 hours of sleep the priority!

Sleeping during flights

Pack A Yoga Mat or give your hotel gym a visit

It’s easy to practice yoga and mat-based Pilates poses in your hotel room – or even at the airport. Some have special yoga rooms now! This is a great way to reconnect with yourself and stay centered in such a demanding job. Or – use it to catch a quick nap before boarding! Alternatively, you could also go to the hotel gym and do some cardios or just stretches.

Pack A Yoga Mat 

Pack Snacks, Too

Bring a variety of travel-friendly items like raw nuts, homemade trail mix, almond butter, homemade granola bars and protein bites. Fresh fruits and veggies are great, too, and you can often stock up on these at airports and little cafés during your stops.

Research Your Destination

Look for local cafes, drop in yoga classes and parks near the hotel and airport so that you’re ready with options nearby, even if it’s a quick turnaround. Another tip: walk and explore for fun, easy exercise! This is also a great way to get back onto a schedule and help with jetlag, both when you’re traveling and when you want to get turned around at home. You can also check layover tips & crew discounts available in different destinations with World Of Crew App.


Bring Your Supplements

I recommend a B vitamin complex for energy, stamina and recovery (it also helps with jet lag), zinc to keep immunity strong, and spirulina tablets, which are packed with amino acids, nutrients and antioxidants to stay healthy. I also encourage you to take a digestive enzyme, since it can be difficult to maintain good bacteria in the gut with so much travel.

Use Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

Make sure that you use sunscreen and insect repellant where appropriate – there is nothing worse than flying with itchy, sore uncomfortable skin. Also, for health reasons you need to protect yourself from skin cancer and malaria.

Take Time For Yourself

You’re in a job that demands a lot of time, attention and care-taking – take a moment to acknowledge all that you do! Make it a priority to spend at least 10 minutes a day alone. Switch off and practice some deep breathing. Consider journaling about your experiences – not many people have the opportunity to see the world the way you do! Not only will this help you relax and focus, it will be fun to reflect back on.

These are just a few things that you may be able to incorporate into your life as Cabin Crew to make the lifestyle easier and ensure that you stay fit and healthy.  It does take time and balance to work out exactly what works for you (and your schedule) but taking those first steps to a healthier you, can only help your everyday work life as Cabin Crew.

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