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Funny Pax Stories Shared By Flight Attendants | WOC

Funny Pax Stories Shared By Flight Attendants | WOC

From pax vomiting to pax having sex, flight attendants see a lot. We asked some of our flight attendant friend share some funny & weird experiences they had while flying. So, here you go!

1. The Case of missing teeth

“The most awkward experience I had was when an old lady stopped right before deboarding the flight in LAX and said to me, “Dear, I forgot my teeth in the seat pocket, could you please get them for me”

2. Nail Art

“While attending to the call bell of a pax, I noticed that his neighbor was not just clipping his nails, but also making a piece of art on the tray table.”

3. A Special Request

“A man in the first class came up to me and asked me if I had any condoms with me. When I told him, I don’t, he went on to ask other flight attendants. After the flight I heard, he went to all flight attendants even in economy and also asked one of the flight attendants to check with the captain, in case he had some.” Well at least he was careful about using protection.

4. Reverse Crop Dusting

“A pax from a flight to BKK to DXB decided to use the galley as his personal space to fart. After 4-5 times & getting a lot of looks from all the flight attendants, he decided to just go to the lav instead. Guess who had a lot to eat in Bangkok!”

5. Three way mile high club

“In my 7 years being a flight attendant, I have seen many couples join the mile high club in lavs or on the seats, but only once did I see very drunk 2 girls & one guy getting on to some exciting stuff on the last row. I don’t think they managed to do the actual deed, but there were all possible permutations & combinations. That flight, I actually felt I have seen everything in life.”

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