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3 tips to keep fit with a disruptive schedule | WOC

3 tips to keep fit with a disruptive schedule | WOC

Do you find it difficult to work out around your work schedule? Do you feel like you never really have the time to exercise? If so, our following 3 top tips are just for you.


Alone or in company try to do a little exercise like running or taking a walk to the park/city/mountain. The benefits of this sport are countless either if you want to lose weight or stay healthy

2. Gym

Find out if the hotel you’re staying in has a gym. In this case, there’s a wide variety of machines like treadmills or gym weights at your service to reach your fitness goals.

3.Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates

You don’t have to schedule a class or go to the gym to practise these techniques, just a silence room and a laptop. Surfing the Net you’ll find a lot of yoga videos from amateurs to advanced levels taught by professionals. These disciplines are highly recommended for people who want to manage stress situations and relax body and mind. If you keep an exercise routine (at least three times a week), you’ll feel better and ready to seize the day.

So, how about you? What sport keeps you fit?

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