‘Caught on Camera’: The Latest Epidemic Plaguing Airline Industry | WOC

Southwest Airlines, which once encouraged us to fly its “friendly skies,” is now in jeopardy because of the latest passenger incident, which again has gone viral on the social media.

The newest passenger scuffle to be captured on video and magnified on social media when the woman, who was flying from Baltimore to L.A. on Tuesday was dragged off from the Southwest plane.  The 46- year-old college professor complained of life-threatening allergies from dog because there were two dogs on board. But, on failing to show medical certificates to corroborate her claim, the crew had to ask the pax to deboard the plane. The pax was offered to be re-booked to another flight.  But, she refused to take that offer as she said she needed to be in L.A. for her father’s surgery.

The airline, immediately issued an official apology to the passenger, however, charges have been filed against the passenger for disorderly conduct, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order, disturbing the peace, obstructing and hindering a police officer and resisting arrest.

Southwest, said, should keep apologizing, pick up the cost of the passenger’s flight and expenses, and “do not blame the customer at any point.”

Yet again, it is one of those grey situations where both the airline and the passenger had valid reasons for their actions. But, the violence that erupted after this and the way the pax was taken off the plane is definitely unfortunate. But, the larger question that this situation again rises is the impact social media is having on the aviation industry. From the united incident to the Emirates Champagne incident to now the Southwest.

While on one one hand, it makes sure that cases of unfair treatment get reported and the concerned parties get justice. But, on the other hand it puts airline and airline staff in a precarious situation. Being under ‘social media’ scrutiny the entire time you are doing your job, can be pretty daunting.  Not only can it be disastrous for your career, but also for your airline. While, we all are always trying to do our best, but everyone has bad days, everyone has glitches while working. Imagine knowing that every small action, every word spoken, every gesture can be shot on camera and circulated online.

The question it raises is how fair is it to airline staff and what can be done to make sure that the power of social media does not do more harm than good.

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