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[Crew to Follow] – Elizabethe Lynch – Part 1|WOC

[Crew to Follow] – Elizabethe Lynch – Part 1|WOC

This Friday, our crew to follow is Elizabethe Lynch or otherwise popularly known as Livingtheflylife girl.

We have so much to say about her that we have decided to write about her in two parts. This week we will focus on her life as a crew and in our next edition we will talk more about her life as a social media star and what she thinks of Worldofcrewtheapp.

About Elizabethe

Elizabethe has been working with Emirates since three years and is a business class flight attendant.

With a desire to travel the world and taste all the flavors that the globe has to offer, she decided to move to Dubai to work with Emirates. Now with Dubai as her base camp, she flies around the world discovering the unknown, meeting different people, trying different cuisines and living the fly life.

Here’s what she told us about the reasons for being a flight attendant, “In my interview I remember being asked why I wanted to move to Dubai to become a flight attendant. My answer was that I wanted to live my retirement now while I was still young!  I wanted to explore the world before I started a family.”

She feels that joining Emirates has given her wonderful opportunities and fulfill her dream of being a global citizen. “To be paid to hike over ruins in Rome, go to cooking classes in Bangkok, see a proper Russian winter, to meet people who came in every size and color?”, said Elizabethe. 

Where to find her

Instagram: @Living_theflylife


Facebook: Living the Fly Life

Life as a crew

She feels her favorite thing about being a crew is the ability to be able to deal with the unexpected. The things she has learnt goes beyond her duties are as a flight attendant. She has become an expert in destinations, unique things each country has to offer, street food from cities, culture of different places. And, most importantly being culturally sensitive towards the multitude of people she meets everyday.

She also told us, “I think most of my colleagues can say that we are grateful that this job has trained us to be culturally sensitive and to understand why a person behaves in a manner that they do because we know their background.”

And, her advice to all the passengers is to just check with the flight attendants about cool things to do in a destination. You would definitely not need a Lonely Planet or a Triposo. In her words, “We are all encyclopedias of strange and wonderful information!”

Favorite memories

“One of my favorite moments that I keep with me always is the time I met a new joiner on a flight. I went to answer a call bell and the girl took her headphones off and burst into tears. I immediately put everything down and started to ask what was wrong, how could I help? She stood up and hugged me and said ‘It’s you! I’m here because you helped me! You inspired me and wrote me with advice on joining and told me to just hang in there and be yourself, I’m here because of you’. It’s the best feeling I have ever had.”

We at WOC have been following Elizabethe’s blog and Instagram account for some time now and we must say that we are not surprised about this incident. It is truly inspirational in more than one way.

Balancing personal and professional life

Something that most of us struggle with these days is being able to manage our overly demanding jobs and personal life. Even with a 9-5 job, it’s not an easy thing to do. So, one can only imagine how challenging it must be to do so with a flight attendant job.

Managing the crazy hours, the stress, the jetlag. But, Elizabethe truly makes it seem like a piece of cake. She says that her life professional life starts when she puts her hat on and ends when its off. And, once it’s off her head, she leaves all the work hassle behind as well.  She has some really good advice for us all.

Take home the positive things with you; the amazing memories, good crew, and great moments but don’t take negative events home! One good thing about this job is that if you have a flight that’s not what you hoped for, you get a do-over on the next flight!”

This is it for this week, folks. Next week we will come back with more about the living the fly life girl. So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile you can follow her blog and Instagram handle.

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