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Top 5 Flight Attendant Uniforms 2017 | WOC

Top 5 Flight Attendant Uniforms 2017 | WOC

Flight Attendants are the face of airlines and a lot of attention is paid towards their uniform and is a prestige issue for most airlines. Every time, an  airline comes out with new uniforms for their crew, it is received with much fanfare. We asked more than 500 regular travelers to vote for their top 5 favorite uniforms from a total of 24 major airlines. And, the results are in!

5. Singapore Airlines

Not so surprisingly, Singapore Airlines’ colorful and vibrant uniform ranked number 5 from a total of 24 contenders.


4. American Airlines

While many industry experts had deemed the American Airlines uniform as boring, but our users seem to find it sleek and sophisticated.



3. Etihad Airways

The Middle Eastern carrier bagged the third rank with their classic and elegant outfit.


2. Emirates Airlines

Much to our surprise, the red hat stood second losing the top spot to..


1. Air France

We guess when they say, ‘You can not go wrong with black’ is not an understatement. Air France crew got the first rank with close to 50% votes as the best crew uniform for cabin crew.



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