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What kind of cabin crew are you according to your Zodiac signs? | WOC

What kind of cabin crew are you according to your Zodiac signs? | WOC

Zodiac signs might not determine everything we do, but they do show up in our personalities, relationships and the way we handle different things. So, let’s find out how the zodiac signs impact what kind of flight attendant you are.

Aries (Mar 22 – Apr 21)


If you could use one word to describe your Aries crew that would be energetic. They will be the ones who will start looking for new things to do the moment they get their rosters. Considering, Aries is a fire sign, they are dynamic & will always come up with new ideas to solve issues. The crew in training who is always raising their hands to answer the questions or help demonstrate something is probably an Aries.

Send them to a layover more than 5 times & they start getting bored of it. They are quite independent & will be fine doing something on their own & exploring new avenues. They are natural leaders, so they might not be the senior most crew, but you will find them taking command of the situation & call the shots.

Also, they can be quite moody and short-tempered when faced with an annoying passenger. Better to keep them far-off, otherwise they might be going viral on social media next day.

Taurus (Apr 22 – May 21)


You know the crew who goes with one suitcase, but comes back with two because they bought all the beautiful, tangible products (there was amazing crew discount with WOC app, afterall) or the crew who loves to spend hours just indulging herself in the hotel spa or the one  who just spent her entire layover admiring the beautiful views around is probably a taurean. They love beautiful things and like to indulge all their 5 senses. At the same time, they are also really lazy. So, maybe one every three layovers they would do nothing & stay in the hotel and just call room service.

While they will follow the orders they can also be quite stubborn. So, when they don’t agree with something they will probably not do it. On the other hand, if you become friends with a taurean crew, you have their loyalty for life. But, if you manage to ruffle their feathers you can be faced with the rage of the bull.

Best thing about having a Taurean as a fellow crew is that they will maintain their calm & come up with good, practical solutions even in extreme emergencies. They are strong, enduring and don’t mind working the extra hours when you need them.

Gemini (May 22 – Jun 21)


A pax is being difficult, you can count on a Gemini crew into sweet talking them into believing anything. Known for their great conversational skills, Gemini can find a way out of any situation. The downside is that the crew will probably also manipulate into doing something on a layover that you were not at all interested in or you had already done multiple times in the past.

They are pro at multi-tasking, so it’s best to have them around during a busy service. However, if you have a Gemini as a junior crew they are not going to give you a tough time when it comes to following orders. But, they are flexible & easily adapt to difficult situations.

Geminis are very sociable & love to party, You will often be dragged along to party till the wee hours during layovers & come back with a long list of new friends.

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Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 21)


The cancer crew will work the best when they feel emotionally connected to the rest of the crew & feel they are getting the support and love from the rest of the crew. They thrive under such environment, so having to work with a different crew every time might be a little challenging for them. They are not good at adapting to changing situations and need their comfort zone. So, the crew who carries their stuff toy or comfort blanket in the plane might be a cancerian.

The downside of the emotional temperament is that they can get quite easily hurt. Criticism or bad feedback from the senior cabin crew might lead them to hide in the lav and cry for hours. This might also lead them to retreat and go into their shell. So, if that happens chances are you will not see much of them during the layovers.

They are extremely family oriented, so you might swap requests from them because it’s their niece’s birthday or their partner’s dentist appointment. However, they also bring the same level of warmth and commitment for the crew in the plane.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 21)


A Leo crew will do anything to be the center of attention because if there is one thing that motivates a Leo is the craving for attention and stardom. A Leo is most likely to have one of the best Instagram accounts to show-off their ‘amazing’ layover life. If you have a Leo crew in your flight, then it might be a good idea to give them a  fancy title like ‘Best Crew From Rio to Fiji’, ‘Best Crew Ever’, ‘Best Girl at 36,000 ft, etc. in the middle of the flight to keep them going. But, despite all of this, Leos have a strong sense of responsibility, which will ensure their dedication during a 17 hour long flight.

They love to take charge of things and due to their natural charisma, rest of the crew will follow them with ease. The flipside is that a Leo does not like to take orders & don’t deal with authority figures that well. They are also pretty loyal and expect the same from others. But, their charisma makes you overlook the rest quite easily.

Virgo (Aug 22 – Sep 21)


Virgos by nature are perfectionists, so when they are in the same flight as you, you can expect everything to be carried out with meticulous details. You can expect perfectly laid out meals, immaculate galley, they will examine every detail during the security check, their uniform will not have an inch of crease and their make-up will be flawless.

The problem is they will expect the same level of exaction from everyone and judge them from the same standards. This might lead them to be critical towards the rest of the crew, even the seniors.

But, once you know that the criticism is stemming from their dedication towards the job, it would be easier to digest. Their commitment also means happy pax as they will go the extra mile to ensure they are taken care of properly.

Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 21)


Much like their symbol i.e. the scale, a Libran crew will be balances and calm. They might be your best bet to deal with an irate pax. You can expect them to handle the situation without feeling hassled due to their calm demeanor, even tempered and pleasant manner. However, they are quite prone to stress when their surrounding are unpleasant. If by any chance the crew is not getting along well then that will show in their performance. So, for a Libran to crew to perform well their environment needs to be completely balanced and harmonized. You will find their posessions like clothes, jewelry to be equally harmonized, balanced and subtle.

If they see anyone being unfair or unjust to anyone; crew to another crew, crew to pax, or pax to pax, they will not take it lightly.

Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21)


A scorpio crew is determined & confident. They strongly believe they are the masters of their own destiny, so they make sure to get their dream layover destination by bidding, swapping or whatever works. They are really power conscious and are driven by the thirst for power. So, while they will quietly follow the senior crew, if they are the same level as yours or your senior (god save you), then you don’t want to cross their path.

They are reserved and quiet. So, don’t expect to find out any secrets from them in the galley. They are most likely to be tight lipped. So, if you heard some gossip about them after the layover, then don’t prod them about it. A scorpion crew doesn’t forgive or forget. SO, if you pissed them off in a flight you took together 2 years back, they are most likely to remember it and come back to avenge at some point.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)


You land in Hawaii on a layover and it’s raining or there is crazy turbulence during the flight. You can count on your sagittarius crew to be optimistic and bring loads of positivity around. They can also be very energetic, being a firesign, so you can expect the flight with them or the layover filled with a lot of activities and buzz.

Sagittarius crew is likely to be brutally honest, so if you do something they don’t like, they are most likely to call you out for that and not-so-subtly. So, being in a customer facing job, they are quite likely to receive a lot of flak from their seniors or the airline for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It’s probably a good idea to keep them away from pax who are being nonsensical.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 21)


If there is one thing that will define your capricorn crew is the ambitious nature. They will take slow & steady steps towards their goal, but will only stop once they have reached the top ranks. Good thing is, they are master managers, so if they are your purser, things will in control during the flight.

They respect authority. They are fine with following authorities and expect the same from others. But, they also don’t like to mix ranks. So, if you have a senior crew member, then don’t expect them to chill with you during the layover or party. Chances are you will find them partying with the captain or they would prefer to be alone.

Aquarius (Jan 22 – Feb 21)


Always hungry for knowledge & leaps in human knowledge, you can expect them to be showing off their latest Gopro model or discussing the latest Instagram features. They like to be on the move and find different ways of doing things. So, they will probably come up with new ways to do the service or will discuss about new gadgets to make the job easier and efficient. They are quite curious, so you might find them explore every nook and corner of the A380 to find out more about the beast.

They have a hard time paying attention, so you will find them drifting off during the briefing with the cabin supervisor. If you are planning a hike during the layover or go for that special crew cycle tour, then you will not find them jumping with excitement. But, they are also quite caring and helpful. So, you are most likely to have a nice and interesting flight/layover with them.

Pisces (Feb 22 – Mar 21)


You will find pisces crew to have the imaginative, most original Instagram handle most likely. Their imagination leads them to explore the most unlikely/non-touristic places during their layovers and also most creative photography techniques.

They have an individualistic way of thinking and therefore might not be a good team player. You will also find pisces crew not performing their best when they don’t find the environment good. So, if you are flying with a pisces crew you better pray that they like the rest of the crew.

This was written with a good sense of humor and does not intend to offend anyone. So, hope you will receive it like that.

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