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[Crew to Follow] – Crew Control – Part 1 | WOC

[Crew to Follow] – Crew Control – Part 1 | WOC

It’s Friyayyy!! And, we could not be more excited to bring to you story of Crew Control – a crew band! The band’s motto is, ‘We love flying and making music.’

So, let’s find out more about them!

About Crew Control

It often happens that once we start working we get stuck in the rut of the life and forget about our passions and things that drove us. But, some people manage to go beyond the excuses and chase their dreams nevertheless. Crew Control is one such example of people coming together to follow their passion for music despite their usual job. To begin with, it was just two of the band’s original members having some jam sessions together back in 2010, but it was when they last (Spanish) brick that the band was formed. Originally called ‘Overwings’, they used to cover artists. However, eventually, after a consequent ‘beer’ meeting in a pub close to Rome, they decided to take the band to the next level by forming ‘Crew Control’, and working on some of their original content.

Some of their initial work includes music parodies related to aviation world. “We love writing our lyrics in the way that everyone can enjoy them but also including hidden meaning and content for people working within the airline industry.” – Crew Control

Their Work

Although, ‘The Man Of Steel’ (released 2012) is their first composed and recorded song, ‘Doesn’t Matter’ was the first song ever created by the band together. ‘The Man of Steel’, written by Adriano, busts the myth most people have about cabin crew life. “It’s the first single as CrewControl and is about cabin crew life not always glamorous and sparkling as most people believe. Just normal human beings with a winged heart. The video of this song is very “cartoonish style,” funny and ironic starring a beautiful colleague as “The Evil Alien.”

For those of you, who have not heard the song, check it out here.

One of the most challenging work the band considers to their credit has been a collaboration between Crew Control and  an indie book author for her book ‘Tre Minuti Di Me’. The album called, ‘In Between The Lines’, is written on behalf of the characters’ of the book. There are five songs in the album, which vary in range from high energy rock songs to rock ballads.

“Those characters wrote several songs in the story, and we got through all the books of the trilogy, to assimilate their behaviors and their way of thinking and the way they react to life and and its obstacles, and then wrote the five songs on their behalf. It has been a huge challenge for us; it has been the first time we have written songs from an outsider’s point of view, trying to emphasize on the character’s feelings in that particular moment or even trying to describe a particular scene with just the intensity of music… just like a movie soundtrack does.”

Check out their album here.

And, here’s a brief description about each of the songs in the album.

  • Crash: A high-energy, melodic rocker that perfectly showcases the mood of the character who wrote and performed the song in the book. The video of this song has been shot during one of the band’s performances in Rome.
  • Thirst: A truly intense emotional song, with a strong message of love and hope.
  • Three Minutes Of Me: It’s the song that gives the name to the book series. Deeply inspired true love song, passional, and emotional vibes.
  • 5th Avenue: Acid chill out pop song with bluesy Revival shades and revenge feelings.
  • By My Side: Positive and moderate rock ballad, catchy sound and deep feelings.

The Music Influence

Each of the band member have a very different and varied music influences. But, when they come together as a band, their different influences gives the band a unique style and sound, unlike any other band. Something which is very vital to them.

Tommy: rock, hard rock, prog, blues and jazz
Adri: pop, brit pop, rock and roll, surf rock, swing and classical.
Chico: rock, classic rock, pop, alternative rock, folk rock and symphonic metal
Jampo: rock, grunge, classic rock, metal, electronic.

We will find out more about the band, how they work and more about the band members in the upcoming blogs.

Till then, as Crew Control members would say, “Safe Flying, Keep Rocking, Peace Out!”

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