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[Influencer] – Ksusha Marchenko – Ksu_hin – Crew to follow | WOC

[Influencer] – Ksusha Marchenko – Ksu_hin – Crew to follow | WOC

This week, in Friday Influencers, we will take you on an amazing journey with Ksusha (Ksu_hin).

About Ksu

Ksusha Marchenko works with Emirates Airlines as a cabin crew for business-class.

A crew-member with a super hectic job, a part of Harry Potter & Beatles fandom (we must say we love that!), an active blogger, photographer and Instagrammer – Ksu has many a feather in her cap.

Where can you find her?


Instagram: @Ksu_hin

Facebook: Ksu_hin

Ksu as a social media influencer

When asked why she started blogging, she told us that she started it as a way to keep her mother informed about her whereabouts, what she is doing, what she is eating, and whom she is meeting. But now it’s something which is her passion, something she uses to tell the world about her adventures.

On asked how she manages it with her full time job, she told us, “It’s just a hobby and a part of my job.”

Something, we, her followers are very thankful for!

We deep dived into her blog and Instagram account, and her posts, vlogs and photographs completely enthralled us. From one of her first few posts about Malaysia, where she visited the Batu Caves to her 59th destination, Stockholm, where she visited the bridge from ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ to her  latest post about her visit to the Beer Museum in Dublin, Ksu has taken the readers on many adventures over these years.

We, as readers, enjoyed rainy Scotland, streets of Amsterdam, Universal studio in Orlando, the 9 ¾ platform, and fell in love with Dubai all over again.

Along with her blog ( , she is also quite active on Instagram and regularly posts pictures from her travels and from her time in Dubai.

Have a look at some pictures from her Instagram account (@Ksu_hin)

Advice from Ksu:

  • Talk to your followers (try to answer every comment)
  • Balance (don’t post too much, but try to post every day)
  • Be yourself :)
  • Don’t reply to negative comments
  • Try to be positive, no matter what
  • Don’t post bad quality pictures

WOC note:

We had a lot of fun following her blog and Instagram account, and visiting to all these wonderful places vicariously through her! She definitely has the knack to make you fall in love with these places. So, follow her and you will not be disappointed. Go, take a look now, you can thank us later!

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