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Game Of Airlines – Season 1 | WOC

Game Of Airlines – Season 1 | WOC

Ygritte: Which is the best airline, Jon?

Jon Snow: Ummmmmm….

Ygritte: You know nothing, Jon Snow

Well, we don’t claim to know a lot or everything, but we re-imagined the never ending battle between the airlines in Game Of Thrones world. Want to see which airline would be represented with which house?

Delta Airlines – House Tyrell

Remember the latest controversial remark about the American carriers Flight Attendants. But, well the airline has time & again proved that age is just another number when you have the sass, the wit, the gumption of someone like Lady Olenna Tyrell. Check their video here. 


Emirates Airlines – House Targaryen

Emirates is one of those brands that probably receives the most polarized response ever, much like our beloved/hated Khaleesi. But, the truth is love them or hate them, you definitely can’t ignore them!


British Airways – House Bolton

They might be one of the oldest airlines, but their own crew striking against them is much like the Lords of Bolton being hated by their own people too.


Air Canada – House Stark

They peacefully inhabit their ‘Winterfell’ & are one of the most respected airlines of the world. They might be only the King in the North, but they are one of the few houses whose influence is spread over the entire Westeros. Just like Air Canada is one of the few airlines that flies to all 6 uninhabited airlines. And, their peace should not be confused with weakness. When provoked they respond with as much vigor as any other house. Remember when Air Canada refused to grant more landing slots to certain Middle Eastern Airlines because their interest was at stake (Read here) . Well, the north always remembers!


Qatar Airways – House Martell

Well much like House Martell’s surviving heir, the sand daughters, the flight attendants of Qatar Airways are also young & shhh..

Etihad Airways – House Lannister

One of the richest houses in Westeros, supported by the go Iron Bank, they always pay their debts.


Lufthansa Airlines – House Baratheon

They used to be the kings in Europe until they were dethroned. (It’s not us saying that, have a look at this news article)


Ryan Air – House Mormont

Michael O’Leary’s unabashed comments on every topic = Lyanna Mormont’s sass. If you don’t trust us, read for yourself



World Of Crew – The White Walkers

We were created to save the children of the forest aka you all lovely cabin crew by providing you with all the amazing discounts. Till the time the army of the first men pushed us & forced us out. We live in harmony among ourselves & no one is fighting for the iron throne here. We are working towards a common goal of providing discounts to all cabin crew & we are fighting only to defend ourselves. You can download the app here & check for yourself



The article was written in good humor and we hope not to offend anyone.

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