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Cabin crew life, what was I thinking? | WOC

When I was planning to join a major airline as a cabin crew 4 years back, I had certain ‘conceptions’ about what my life is going to be like. The conceptions & expectations were largely affected by media’s portrayal & society’s perceptions. Of course I knew all of them will not hold true, but six months down the lane it hit me how wide the discrepancies between the expectations I had v/s the reality were. While some are the obvious ones, some not so much.

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What passengers would love from cabin crew? | WOC

Cabin Crew have winning smiles, perfect hair and the patience of a saint. They have to deal with all sorts of passengers,from inconsiderate parents to saucy holidaymakers trying to join the mile high club . We’ve read enough about what cabin crew really wish passengers to do. Have you ever wondered what passengers would love from cabin crew ? we’ve gone out of our way to find out what that is.

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