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Top 5 Favorite Positions of Flight Attendants| WOC

Top 5 Favorite Positions of Flight Attendants| WOC

Let’s not keep you waiting and jump right into the top 5 favorite positions of flight attendants. Actually 6!

6. Sitting up on the Jump Seat

Yes, it doesn’t make us jump up with excitement, but sometimes the good old sitting on the jump seat after the service is more than enough.


5. Bunked up in CRC

It’s not the most comfortable place ever, but on a 16 hour long haul getting to close your eyes for some hours and not think about the ding-dong is the best thing you can ask for.


4. Cross-legged in the coffee shop

Comfortably sitting in a cross-legged position on a couch with a nice cuppa of coffee. Nothing turns us on more.


3. Back seat of the bus

Imagine, you are on your way to the hotel after a 12 hour long flight, you don’t care if your uniforms gets creased up and you get the back seat of the bus all to yourself. You can lie down there, right there and take a nap before even getting to your hotel airport. Ahhh!!


2. Against the suitcase

You could be standing up, sitting down or lying down against it. The goddamn suitcase never disappoints.


1. Recovery position on bed

There is no flight, there are no pax, there are no captains, there is no wake-up call to worry about anymore. Oh baby, we hit the bed like there is no tomorrow.


So, which one is your favorite position?

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