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Malta Layover Tips for Flight Attendants | WOC

Malta Layover Tips for Flight Attendants | WOC

Experience the sun, sand and beaches of Malta during your layover. Malta has been described as one big open air museum. What makes it unique is that one on hand, you have its ancient history with cathedrals, caves and museums and on the other hand, you have its vast Mediterranean deep blue beaches and beautiful islands like Gozo. Here are some WOC travel tips to help you discover this beautiful island.

What to do in Malta for 24h to 48h

The currency used in Malta is Euro which is roughly USD 1.6

How to get around in Malta

  • The best and cheapest way to travel within Malta and Gozo is the local bus.
  • Renting a car is a good option if you want to get to the farther reaches of the island. Major international brands and local car hires are located on Malta and Gozo with daily rates of €16 – €28.
  • Renting scooters, motorbikes or bicycles is also an option, but be aware that bicycle lanes on major roads are rather limited.
  • The white taxi service can pick up passengers from anywhere, except bus-stops. Taxi services from the Malta International Airport and the Seaport Terminal to all localities in Malta are based on a fixed tariff.
  • A regular ferry service links Malta to Gozo, taking about 20 minutes each way.

Tourist Attractions in Malta

  • Grand Master’s Palace

Located in the capital city of Malta, Valletta, this palace was built between the 16th and 18th centuries as the palace of the Grand Master of the Order of St. John, who ruled Malta. It eventually became the Governor’s Palace, and it currently houses the Office of the President of Malta.

WOC travel tip: Don’t miss the Armoury which is housed in what was once the Grand Master’s stables. There are also displays of some beautiful weapons, including crossbows, muskets, swords and pistols.

  • Valletta Waterfront

Malta - Valletta Waterfront

This spot is a sight to behold, with three prominent buildings; a church in the middle, the Pinto Wharf on the left, and the Forni Shopping Complex on the right. The area hosts a concentration of bars, retail outlets and restaurants. The area was and remains a venue for several concerts and events.

WOC travel tip: A great spot for spending a whole day relaxing and enjoying the sights of boats and giant cruise liners. Don’t miss the evening dining on the Marina, especially at the open-air tables.

  • Blue Grotto

WOC Layover Tips- Malta - Blue Grotto

The location of this fascinating natural grotto combines with sunlight and the surrounding chain of caves to reflect colours of the submerged flora and the azure sea

How to get there: Blue Grotto can be reached by boat from Wied iz-Zurrieq, from where you can also enjoy superb views of Filfla and the surroundings. The boats depart daily between 09:00 and 16:30 and cruise for about 25 minutes before reaching the caves.

WOC Travel Tip: Don’t forget your swimsuit and snorkeling gear when visiting these caves!

  • Gozo Island

Victoria is Gozo’s main town, crowned by an inspiring Citadel that dominates the island from its highest vantage point. The island also has beautiful sights such as such as Lorenzo Gafà’s Cathedral of the Assumption and the remarkable optical illusion of the trompe l’oeil ’inner cupola’ painting adorning the Cathedral’s ceiling.

Shopping and food in Gozo: The town itself boasts a thriving cultural life ranging from opera to the burgeoning and lively ‘It-Tokk’ Market, with its throngs of cheeses, wines, antiques, artisan curiosities, fishing nets and knitwear.

  • Mdina city

WOC Layover Tips- Malta - Mdina

The quiet and timeless atmosphere you can experience in Mdina is fascinating. Meaning ‘Walled City’ from the Arabic ‘medina’, the encircling battlements of Mdina command spectacular views onto the surrounding hills. The ‘silent city’ itself, frozen in time, is a web of yellow-stoned architecture and truly inspiring balconies.

  • Golden Bay Beach

Located on the North West of Malta, close to Ghajn Tuffieha bay Golden bay beach is one of the most popular beaches in Malta with both the local and tourists alike.


Dance the night away at the popular nightclub, St. Julian’s, Paceville 


Also, look out for night time parties on the island, especially during the Summer

Health and Wellness in Malta

WOC Layover Tips- Malta - Yoga.

Flight attendant discounts in Malta

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Any fun experiences to share from your layover in Malta?

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