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We’re Hiring a Mobile Developer IOS / Android, Tbilisi, Georgia

We’re Hiring a Mobile Developer IOS / Android, Tbilisi, Georgia

We’re hiring a mobile application developer for our office in Tbilisi

In short

We’re looking for someone ready to improve a lot his coding skills with us !


  1. IOS
    1. Strong understanding of Swift
    2. Knowledge in Xcode
    3. Knowledge in IOS SDK
  2. Android
    1. Strong understanding of Java
    2. Android Software development kit

Good to have

  1. Strong understanding of PHP/NodeJS
  2. Good understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases (We use MySQL and MongoDB on our projects)
  3. Experience with designing and creating RESTful APIs
  4. Familiarity with launching and managing cloud servers on AWS or Softlayer
  5. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, JQuery, Responsive Design
  6. Ajax, JSON
  7. Git, Github
  8. Experience with Firebase
  9. Experience with data scrapping
  10. At least 2 years of experience with required technologies
  11. Passionate about working with a startup company

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What you gonna do

You’ll mainly be in charge of supporting the development of our applications. You’re not supposed to know everything, but you should be able to at least understand and rely on your networks if you need help.

  1. Code, code, & code
  2. Support our team in different project
  3. Spend a lot of nights in Hackathons
  4. Suffer and learn a lot

Why us ?

1- Our team

We are an international team with people from France, India, Portugal …

2- Our startup

Our main office is in knowledge village in Dubai (UAE) in in5 one of the best incubator. We opened a new office in Tbilisi (Georgia) where we operate from. Our home office is a 300 m² apartment in the best part of Tbilisi with billiards, party areas, meeting rooms and more.

3- Finance

We’re not rich, but we secured enough funds to run our company. Our projects incomes provide us the missing funds we need. For now all our team is having equities and the same salary. We’re all in the same boat !

4- Our apps

You will be working on challenging products that you have the opportunity to create and shape. At this stage, we work on mobile applications connecting people with no internet along with Flight attendants networks. But we have a total of 8 applications live. You can review our projects in

5- Our motto

Create, Disrupt & Scale

6- What we’re looking for

People ready to leave their comfort zone and join us wherever we are. Today is Dubai and Tbilisi. Tomorrow it could be north Korea or Ouagadougou. We don’t ask for minimum degrees or experience. We believe in skills and run our own training programs.

We live, work and party together.

7- How is it to work with us

We have no boss, we decide and commit to our objectives together. We love hackathons and work from 1 to 24h per day up to 7 days a week. Everybody is part of the decision process and responsible for its achievements. Selection is based on what you can deliver, nothing else.

How to apply ?

Apply now

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