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Becoming a flight attendant is one of many girls dream, because it involves traveling the world, discovering new places, cultures and flavors every day and experience amazing adventures up in the sky.

Is it also your dream? Then you should check out this Cabin Crew free video training from Crewwings, they are a team of 20 Flight Attendants in the Middle East that can teach you how to become one.

Here we will cover the essentials 😊

But how to become a flight attendant might be a mystery to most people, because there are not only requirements but tips that one can apply in order to achieve such goal.

This is how you can achieve so:

Physical requirements

Required reaching height: maybe you don’t know it, but one of the most important requirements of a cabin crew is reaching a 212cm (6.95feet) with your hands, on your tip toe barefoot.

Able to work at night: being a cabin crew is a 24/7 job, so if sleeping during the day and working at night is a requirement too hard for you, you might consider not applying for this job, as it’s a basic requirement that won’t change.

No visible tattoos or piercings: many job descriptions require this in order to show a professional vision of the company and it’s employees.

Psychological requirements

Being active: this kind of job requires a young mind and an active body, as there’s no room for laziness in a job that will require most of your energy in many cases.

Have patience: you will face many different kind of situations on board for which you should be ready, but some of them might test your patience levels. Try to always keep yourself calm and relaxed so that no passenger or situation can disturb your mood.

Exercise teamwork: this job would be impossible performed only by one person, so it’s very important to remember that being a cabin crew means always be part of a team.

Always be on time: flights don’t wait for anybody, so if you are not used to be punctual, either fix it or this is not your job.

Documentation requirements

Every airline requires some documents to start your interview process, and each one is different on it’s requirements, that’s why it’s important to check which ones are them depending on the airline we are applying to.

• CV
• Colored passport copies
• Passport pictures
• Copy of your latest educational degree.


Get information about the airline: as we said, this might not only help getting ready for the interview, but might make you be more calm, relaxed and yourself, which is what airlines are searching for.
Bring your documents along: don’t forget your documents, or the airline might forget you.

Apply light make up: this is specially for ladies, as it’s expected to wear make up in the job description.

Show enthusiasm: being nervous is normal, but you should try to control it so that what it shows is your enthusiasm and your excitement about the job and not your nerves.

Overcoming the airline training

if you reach this point, congratulations! It means you are going to make your dreams come true. But now, don’t let your guard down, you still have a long way to go and you need to keep up the good job.


Happy wings day! When you pass your tests, airlines express it as you got your wings because you will soon have a roster and be able to fly. This is your moment!

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