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[Crewtofollow] – Juan Rodriguez | WOC

[Crewtofollow] – Juan Rodriguez | WOC

Friday is here and we have our first male #crewtofollow. This week we have Juan Rodriguez from Emirates airlines. 

About Juan

Juan has been working with Emirates since 2015 and is an active Instagram influencer. He loves to travel, adores kids, has a great sense of humor, is a fitness freak, likes to go for movies, hang out with his friends or just laze around on his couch. 

To quote Juan, “I also love to grab my soft blanket, comfiest pillow and watch movies on my amazing couch at home.”

Being a crew

The dream of seeing the world, meeting people from different cultures and getting the opportunity to interact with them was what pushed Juan to pursue this career. Being a cabin crew offered him the opportunity to fulfill his desire to travel the world and also express his extrovert personality. Juan told us, “I became Cabin Crew because I wanted to see the world, aside from that I am a huge people person and love getting to know different culture as well as and interacting with them.”

He feels that it’s the opportunity to create long lasting memories that will always remain in his heart, which drives him and is his most favorite thing about his job. Juan also shared some really special moments that he has experienced while working as a crew, which again reminded us of the importance of this role and made us feel really proud on Juan’s behalf. We will let you read it in his own words, “I’ve had the opportunity of dealing with 3 medical cases on board. Which luckily and thankfully I managed to deal with them efficiently and professionally as taught in Emirates Aviation Training College. Each case was different but to be able to take care of someone and make make them arrive to their destination feeling much better, truly made me feel proud.” It is indeed something to be proud of.

Funniest experience as a crew

  • Bumping into a colleague who had a whole tray full of drinks and having a shower of Mango, apple, pineapple, orange and tomato juice infront of passengers.
  • Helping a mother with taking care of her baby while she used the toilet. While carrying the baby, he peed all over me. Luckily I love children but still not the best thing to happen on board haha
  • Accidentally mistaking a passenger with a friend of mine and screaming with excitement calling out her name, only to realize quickly after that, that it wasn’t her haha.

Being an Instagrammer

It was his wish to express himself to the world which made him start his journey as an Instagrammer. He wanted to share his life, let people know him more and share his activities with the world. He told us, “I started getting into Instagram to allow people see a little bit, to a lot about my life and who juan is and what he’s up to.”

When asked how he manages between his work and as a social media star, he told us that it’s his passion and love for his job that let’s him balance the two despite his busy work schedule. He also feels that he as a person is very organized, which helps him more to balance his personal and professional life. And, Juan believes in giving credit where it’s due, so he did express the important part Siri plays in helping him have a work-life balance. Well, we know what we are using next to help us organize our lives here at WOC.

Juan said, “It’s very easy to balance your professional life and personal life when you’re an organized person and also when you have Siri there to help you haha.”

Being a Social Media Star

Juan’s Instagram is filled with envy inducing travel pictures from all over the world. His Instagram account sure made us wonder about our career choice. (LOL)

Where to find him?

Instagram: @juanmr2

Juan also shared his mantra on being a successful Instagrammer.

  1. Ensure that my posts are always about what I’m up to next
  2. Make sure my posts are always positive and happy
  3. Amazing picture with amazing captions and hashtags are always key for Instagram

About WOC

And, this is what Juan had to say about WOC “I do use it and I do like it and the best feedback I can give is. If you can make it even better than it already is then do it cause right now it’s pretty cool.”

WOC word

Want a fun sneak peak into the life of a cabin crew? Want some fitness inspiration? Or want your dose of really amazing travel pictures? Then Juan’s profile is a perfect place for you to go to!


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