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A look back at the 2016 rollercoaster ride | WOC

A look back at the 2016 rollercoaster ride | WOC

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been quite an adventurous year for the entire world. At WOC again, it has been quite an fun year. And, your support towards us has been unparalleled. So, first a big shout out to all you wonderful people.

Let’s have a quick recap

New possibilities

2016 was a year when we talked more to you all and found out more the challenges faced by you, needs felt by you and how do you feel the app could be made better. Those interactions with you guys opened a plethora of new possibilities for us. As a result, your app had number of additions and changes.

  • Our own WOC program

The soon to be released WOC program offers discounts and benefit programs beyond what is available for your airlines. What does this mean? MORE FUN!

  • Added features:

We received feedback about some of the features on the app and worked on it to make the user experience better. Some of those features include search bar, email registration, etc.

A few big events

  • This year became even more exciting when we got shortlisted to present our startup on prestigious platforms like Interlak (UAE) and Seed Forum, Tbilisi (Georgia). It gave us a chance to learn from industry experts, talk to our peers who are working in the aviation industry and the field of technology. And, most importantly get more guidance on the direction we should take

The trust of big names

What keeps us motivated and going is the love from you guys and our partners. This year, we got the trust and support from big names in the industry like Google startup and Facebook startup program

A new life for our team

  • More people

From a one-person team we became a team of five active members.  Finally, we found the missing pieces to our puzzle. Now, we have all the resources in-house to build an app for you guys.

  • Move to Georgia

One of the major move for our team was to move to Georgia to optimize the operations cost for the team. It keeps us far from you, but it keeps us close to building the ideal app for you guys.

Good news from our users

Last but not the least, thanks to all your support and love, World of Crew reached new levels of success.

  • WOC became the most used discount app for crews (App Annie 2016)
  • Reached almost 10k downloads
  • We reached new successes on various social media platforms

So, thanks a ton for all the support that we have received people and organizations who have supported us and above all from all our users. Thank you for downloading our app, thanks for your Instagram like and tags, and thanks for all your love.


We also learnt a lot of things in this year; power of team work, perseverance and gratitude. And, we wish to take it all forward to 2017 to be able to deliver more to you guys. To come closer to the vision with which the app was started – help you enjoy the perks of being crew!


Happy 2017!

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