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[Crew to follow] – Chandee Thorburn | WOC

[Crew to follow] – Chandee Thorburn | WOC

TGIF?? We are happy too! And, this week we have Chandee Thorburn from Emirates and the winner of our New Year Crewfie contest as our crew to follow. Let’s find out more about her!

About Chandee

Chandee is a business class cabin crew, a gym addict and has been working with Emirates since 2012. 

She told us, “I’m also a huge fitness fanatic, something I only started after flying. I never thought I’d go to the gym, but I think it’s really important to stay fit and I love it. Working out before a flight energizes me and I also find that it helps with my overall well-being.”

She describes herself as a big foodie along with being a fitness freak. Her favorite thing to do when she is traveling and even when she is not is to try food from all the different places. The only difference when she is not traveling is that she likes to have yummy home made meals with ingredients from all over the world. (Now, that just gives me one more reason to love and envy life as a crew).

Anyways, to go back to the interview with Chandee, she told us, “I’m a massive foodie- my favorite thing to do on layovers is to try all the food. I LOVE street food especially. And as weird as it sounds, I love checking out supermarkets in different countries and buying all the food. I also love to cook, when I’m home I always make my own meals. I’m definitely no master chef but nothing beats a home cooked meal, even better when you’ve got ingredients from all over the world in your kitchen!”

Where to find her?

Instagram: chandeethorburn

Being a Crew

Chandee became a crew not just to travel or learn about other cultures, but also to about herself. She feels that being a crew presents to her a unique and challenging opportunity which adds some excitement in her life and also helps her grow. Along with all these benefits, being a crew, also gives her a chance to meet people from all over the world, live in a cosmopolitan city and grow among all of this. 

Chandee told us, “They say that everyone has days where they want to quit their job, but in four years of flying I can honestly say I haven’t felt that way once!” We can totally imagine the reunion that must have followed in the galley. 

Funniest incident as a crew

“Once, I was doing a flight from Bangkok to Sydney, and a friend who I hadn’t seen in years was on my flight…it was so crazy bumping into someone I knew, shows how small the world really is :)”


Being an Instagrammer

Chandee started Instagramming to make the best of her travel opportunities and to keep up-to-date with her friends and family. She feels, “I am so blessed to be able to travel for a living, so it’d be a shame to not take great photos and make the most of it.”

If you check her Instagram account, you would be filled with wanderlust, inspired to stay fit (she can do squats lifting weights more than her own weight), have crazy fun like doing back flips during sleepovers, and just…live life. What can be better than that?!

She is also quite humble, “I wouldn’t consider myself much of a ‘social media star’ but I can imagine it’d take a lot of time and effort, you really have to engage with your audience, be attentive and creative”, said Chandee.

Chandee’s mantra for life

She also gave us some really good insight into life, the most important thing which we often lose sight of; to be thankful for what we have. With her one simple statement she made us realize that how often we get into the rut of complaining. Nothing is ever good enough for us, we start cribbing about life, our jobs, everything. But, Chandee shared her personal mantra which helps her maintain her calm and positive approach towards life.

Chandee told us, “If there’s something to avoid, it’s negativity. It’s so easy to get caught up and complain about things in your life that other people dream of having. If I’m having a tough day, I just think about the day I went for my interview and how happy and excited I was about it. That’s a huge reality check for me. And always remember- there’s people out there with less than you who are more happier than you.”

About WOC

WOC is a great idea run by a great team. I use the WOC app and I absolutely love it! It’s actually hard to keep track of all the benefits offered to crew when you’re always on the move (there’s so many!) and in the past I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff because I had no idea. It’s easy to use and it’s FREE! A must have for sure.”

WOC word

Well, we ended up discovering Chandee with our New year crewfie contest and we are so happy that we did. She is extremely approachable, friendly and such a positive person to follow on Instagram.

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