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Author: Penny

Move over, it’s Movember!

This November, World of Crew is one in spirit with the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; hence, before leaving your mustaches and/or beards unshaved for a streak of 30 days, it’s time to get the strands growing in the right direction.

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Feet Off The Ground | WOC

Getting in the crew life is not as easy as hitching a free ride home. While some have spent an awful lot of time studying aeronautics, international studies, polyglotism or tourism, some have shed oceans of sweat in the gym and chugged on gallons of lemon water to be in the perfect fit for flying. Either way, it’s a fruit of hard work.

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How did WOC team end up in Georgia? | WOC

It was that time of the year, the French soul of our founder (Florian) started telling him to take a break and go on his annual trip. And, so he packed his bags, changed his other plans and went backpacking across Eastern Europe. Around the same time, our new CTO (Natig) was traveling around the world winning Hackathons.

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